The Tree Planting Platform

How does PLAN • T work?

By purchasing a symbolic poster you fund the planting, nurturing and protecting of a mature tree that will be planted in a public place.

Apart from the tree, the price of the purchased poster covers in addition the delivery costs and the equipment used for planting.

Once the tree and the planting equipment is delivered to the site, the corresponding local government plants and cares for the tree.

Besides, you have the opportunity to label your tree with a name of your choice, so you will be able to visit it and follow its growth.

Choose a poster, plant a tree!

Choose the white poster to fund one tree. Choose the black poster to fund three trees. It is important to highlight once again that the tree you donate is not a sapling, but a mature tree, approximately 2.5 meters high. Mature trees are roughly 13 times the price as saplings, and have a positive impact on nature already from day one.

8 600 Ft

23 500 Ft

The price of the poster covers the cost of the tree/trees, planting equipment, delivery to the site and poster printing (40x50 cm). Delivery options are either shipping the poster to the address for 1 850 HUF shipping fee or personal delivery at two pick-up points in Budapest.

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About us

Our vision is not only to combat climate change and to campaign for a sustainable world, but also to contribute to the development of our own environment and our well-being at a local level. Planting trees is a highly effective and easy way to help our environment recover. We have created the PLAN • T project as a platform for planting trees for those who would like to contribute to a greener environment.

András Czoboly

Project Coordination

Anna Vera Lengyel


Máté Morvay

Poster Design

Lívia Rigó


Emma Gavaldik


Bence Gulyás

Platform Design

Why do we believe in tree planting?

The canopies of trees act as a physical filter, trapping dust and absorbing pollutants from the air. Each individual tree removes up to 20 kgs of carbon dioxide every year and can transpire 4 000 liters of water into the atmosphere. The water evaporated from the tree has a cooling effect on its surrounding. They also provide oxygen, shade from solar radiation and they reduce noise. Actually, this is one of the reasons why we find it important to plant mature trees instead of saplings as they have a positive impact on their surroundings from day one already.


How do we calculate the price of a poster?

It is important to highlight once again that the tree you will donate is not a sapling, but a mature tree of an approximate 2.5 meters height. Mature trees are roughly 13 times the price as saplings, and have a positive impact on nature from day one already. The price of a poster covers the cost of the tree, the delivery costs and the equipment used for planting (such as stakes to support trees, ligament to bind them to stakes, fertilizer to provide the ingredients needed for growth). PLAN • T is a non-profit project, the surplus produced will be invested in developing and improving the tree-planting platform and also in building a strong communication strategy.

Where do we plant the trees?

The first trees will be planted in public spaces of Csabdi, Vál and Leányfalu, but the list of local governments is constantly growing.

Who is going to plant and care for the trees?

All local governments participating in the program commit themselves to plant and care for the trees in exchange for the donation.

What kind of trees do we plant?

At the moment we offer 4 types of native tree species to the local governments, all of them are perfectly suited for being planted in public places: field maple, siberian elm, hungarian ash tree, plane tree. The decision is based on the local governments' preference.

When do we plant the trees?

Trees are planted in autumn after leaf drop or in early spring before budbreak. Once the exact time of the planting is set, contributors will be notified.

How can I check that the tree I donated has been planted?

The contributors have the opportunity to label their trees with a name of their choice for a whole year. The name plates will be placed on the trees once they are planted. At the end of the planting period, exact location of the trees will be communicated to the contributors so they can visit their trees anytime.

How can I submit a name to label the tree I have donated?

Submitting a name in order to label the tree happens via e-mail. Detailed information on this process can be found in a written guide which is enclosed with the poster. Therefore, the poster is also perfect as a gift, since the name is being delivered after you have received the poster.